Three and four mark questions

These are similar to one and two mark questions but you will be expected to write in more depth for three and four mark questions.

Three and four mark questions usually require longer answers.

Sample question 1 - Foundation


All objects emit electromagnetic radiation. The intensity and wavelength of the emitted radiation vary with the temperature of the object.

The figure below shows this variation for a filament lamp at two different temperatures. The visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum is also shown:

Graph showing intensity against wavelength for two different temperatures. The visible light region of the electromagnetic spectrum is also shown.

Describe how intensity of the emitted radiation changes with temperature. [3 marks]

An Edexcel question courtesy of Pearson Education Ltd.

As the temperature increases [1], the intensity increases at all wavelengths [1]. As the temperature increases, the maximum intensity occurs at a shorter wavelength [1].

Look carefully at the data given in the graph. Comment on the differences you see between the graphs at the different temperatures.

Sample question 2 - Higher


Gamma rays can cause cancer.

Gamma rays can also be used to treat cancer.

Explain how gamma rays can do both. [3 marks]

This question has been written by a Bitesize consultant as a suggestion to the type of questions that may appear in an exam paper.

An explanation linking the following together:

  • Gamma rays change cell growth/kill/damage cells [1]
  • Gamma rays can cause uncontrolled growth/mutate/damage DNA [1]
  • it can be focused to kill cancer cells without damaging other cells [1]