Main Articles of Union

The 25 Articles of Union of 1707 dealt with such matters as a future parliament, the law, the succession, trade and taxation. Some of the main Articles are listed below.

Article 1Scotland and England were united into one Kingdom, called Great Britain.
Article 2On the death of Queen Anne, the succession was to pass to the Electress Sophia and her descendants of the Protestant House of Hanover. No Catholic or anyone married to a Catholic could succeed to the throne of Great Britain.
Article 3There would be one Parliament, at Westminster in London for the whole of Great Britain.
Article 4There was to be freedom of trade within Britain and its colonies.
Article 6Customs duties would be the same in Scotland as in England.
Article 7Taxes on alcohol would be the same in Scotland as in England although there was less tax on beer in Scotland.
Article 8Scottish salt was granted a tax exemption.
Article 15A sum of £398,085, 10 shillings (50p), known as the Equivalent, was to be paid by the English Government, mainly as compensation to the shareholders in the Darien Company.
Article 19Scotland was still to have its own law courts.
Article 22Scotland was to be represented by forty five members of the House of Commons and by sixteen Peers in the House of Lords.
Article 24A Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain would replace the separate seals of both Scotland and England. The Scottish crown jewels were to remain in Scotland.