Other negatives

There are other useful negatives that work in the same way as ne ... pas:

Negative formEnglishExample
ne ... plusnot anymore, no longerIl ne travaille plus - He doesn't work anymore
ne ... riennothing, not anythingElle ne voit rien - She can't see anything
ne ... jamaisneverJe ne vais jamais à la piscine - I never go to the swimming pool
ne ... personnenobody, not anybodyIls ne connaissent personne à Paris - They don't know anybody in Paris
ne ... queonlyVous ne regardez que des films d'action - You only watch action films
ne ... ni ... nineither ... norJe ne vais ni au cinéma ni au théâtre - I neither go to the cinema nor to the theatre

Remember that ne becomes n' before a vowel or silent -h:

  • je n’ai pas de voiture - I don’t have a car
  • ils n’habitent plus ici - they no longer live here