Leisure activities

Germans are renowned for being hard-working people, but they certainly enjoy their leisure time too.

Germany is a leader in world football and it’s quite common for a young person to become Mitglied eines Sportvereins – a member of a sports club team, as well as enjoying music, Facebook, Twitter, hanging out with friends, baking, shopping and all sorts of other things.

How do German speakers say what they do in their free time?

Was machst du in deiner Freizeit? – What do you do in your free time?
Was machen Sie in Ihrer Freizeit? – What do you (polite) do in your free time?
A woman wearing sports clothing eating a bannana at a sports track with silhouettes of people doing other sporting activities in the background.
When do we use du and Sie?
  • For younger people and people you know well, the word du is used - was machst du in deiner Freizeit?
  • For older people and in more formal situations, like talking to your teachers, you use Sie – was machen Sie in Ihrer Freizeit?

Listen to these verbs to warm up.

Hilfsvokabeln– Helpful vocabulary

backen – to bake
Einkaufen gehen – to go shopping
fernsehen – to watch TV
Filme herunterladen – to download films
Fußball spielen – to play football
kochen – to cook
Musik herunterladen – to download music
Musik hören – to listen to music
schlafen – to sleep
schwimmen gehen – to go swimming
tanzen gehen – to go dancing
wandern gehen – to go on a walk
Zeit mit der Familie verbringen – to spend time with family
Zeit mit Freunden verbringen – to spend time with friends

Did you know?

Germany, Austria and Switzerland are three of the most successful winter-sport nations in the world.

Germany and Switzerland in particular have always had very successful bobsleigh – der Doppelschlitten – teams and have won more Olympic medals – die Olympiamedaillen – between them than any other nation.

Germany is the only country in the world to have four bobsleigh, luge and skeleton tracks.

In winter, outdoor sports are very popular and you can often see people heading out to go skiing or outdoor ice-skating for the day. It is certainly much easier to do this than in the UK.

Men's Two-Man Bobsleigh training session
Bobsleighing was invented in Switzerland in the 19th century, but is also very popular in Austria and Germany