Stanzas five and six

Having echoed the opening with a single line rejecting more stereotypical Valentine’s gifts of a cute card and a kissogram, stanza six then goes on to stress the speaker's insistence that the onion be accepted by their lover: I give you an onion.

The full stop signifies a pause as the speaker awaits their gift to be received. As the poem continues in the line Its fierce kiss will stay on your lips, the lover is attempting to articulate not only the romantic, positive aspects of love but its more negative, darker associations.

There is also the continued allusion to the senses through the taste of the onion which, just like some romantic relationships, is strong, unpleasant and difficult to erase.

Similarly while the word choice of faithful has positive connotations of a trusting shared relationship, the word choice of possessive signals a change in the relationship as it suggests an element of jealousy, distrust, control and insecurity.