When to use the future tense

The future tense is used to talk about what will happen in the future. The future tense is often used with time phrases such as:

Plus tardLater
Ce soirTonight
La semaine prochaineNext week
Lundi prochainNext Monday
Le mois prochainNext month
Le week-end prochainNext weekend
L'année prochaineNext year


  • la semaine prochaine, je regarderai moins la télé - I'll watch less TV next week

How to form the future tense

With regular -er and -ir verbs the following endings are added to the infinitive of the verb:

EnglishSubject pronounFuture ending
you (informal)tuas
he/she/it (we)il/elle/ona
you (formal, plural)vousez

For example, endings of the future tense (with the regular verb regarder - to watch) are:

  • je regarderai - I will watch
  • tu regarderas - you will watch
  • il/elle/on regardera - he/she/it (we) will watch
  • nous regarderons - we will watch
  • vous regarderez - you will watch
  • ils/elles regarderont - they will watch

More examples with -er and -ir verbs:

  • jouerje jouerai - I will play
  • finiril finira - he will finish
  • écouterelles écouteront - they will listen

With regular -re verbs, take the final -e off the infinitive and add the endings:

  • prendreje prendrai (I will take)
  • vendreil vendra - He will sell