Hitler into power 1929-1934 - OCR B test questions - OCR B


The Great Depression caused mass unemployment in Germany. How many Germans were unemployed by the time Hitler became Chancellor in January 1933?


Who was the German Chancellor from March 1930 until May 1932, and whose government struggled to deal with the effects of the Depression?


The Nazi vote increased and they gained seats in the Reichstag after 1929 as a result of the Depression. Which other party saw their vote increase and gained seats too?


Who was in charge of the Nazi Party's propaganda during their rise to power?


How many seats did the Nazis win in the Reichstag in the election of November 1932?


Who preceded Hitler as Chancellor of Germany?


What was the name of the law passed by the Reichstag in March 1933 that gave Hitler power to make laws alone for four years?


Who did the German government sign an agreement, called the Concordat, with in June 1933?


What was the date of the Night of Long Knives, when Hitler eliminated the leadership of the SA?


What title did Hitler take upon President Hindenburg's death in August 1934?