Advantages of global warming

Although there are many negative effects of climate change, there are some advantages too.

The Arctic, Antarctic, Siberia and other frozen regions of the Earth may experience more plant growth and milder climates.

The next ice age may be prevented from occurring. Many scientists believe that the planet is due to enter the next ice age and enhanced global warming will prevent this.

The Northwest Passage through Canada's formerly icy north will be opened up to sea transportation. This will make trade easier and cheaper.

There is likely to be fewer deaths or injuries due to cold weather, meaning populations may grow.

Longer growing seasons could mean increased agricultural production in some local areas. This is a benefit to places such as the UK as more crops could be grown, with the possibility of double cropping.

Summary of effects

Impact onEffectNegative consequencePositive consequence
HealthMalaria and cholera increase, due to temperature increaseMore money needed to fight disease, strain on medical services, rise in death rateNo positive outcome
VegetationShifting flora and fauna to different areas. Extinction of some speciesSpread of pests and disease, alteration in crop yields, may increase food shortagesCanadian Prairies could become major wheat growing belt. Areas able to grow different crops, for example, citrus fruits in the UK
WeatherMore extreme climates in inland locations. More frequent and devastating hurricanesUnknown at presentUnknown at present
OceanSea temperatures increase, sea levels rise, shift in ocean currentsChanges in size of fish stocks and their location will impact the fish industryIncrease in fish stocks in certain areas
LandscapeReduced snow cover in some areas. Glaciers melt in AntarcticaRise in sea levelsExtended summer season in some landscapes due to higher temperatures, increasing revenue
HydrologyReduction of wetland areas, as precipitation is reduced. In some places river flooding may increaseGreat pressure on water supplies. Problems for HEP schemes and irrigationIncreased awareness of water conservation measures, less water wastage
PopulationReduction of areas suitable for human habitation, for example, lowland BangladeshIncreased population densities increase possibility of disease and malnutritionForced movement of population from densely populated coastal areas, to less populated interior locations
ClimateLocation of jet stream may alter. Depressions may shift south, causing them to be more intenseBetter forecasting needed to warn people of approaching storms. Insurance premiums will increaseMore accurate weather forecasting developed
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