Which was more important for... (12 marks)


Which of the following was the more important reason why the Nazi German state was described as totalitarian?

  • Nazi policies towards women.
  • Nazi control of media and propaganda.

Explain your answer with reference to both reasons.

This question requires knowledge, understanding and analysis of historical events. It will take the format of an essay requiring a judgement.

It will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to write an extended response following a sustained line of reasoning which is coherent, relevant, substantiated and logically structured.

You should discuss the two bullet points using accurate historical knowledge in relation to the idea in the question; you also need to use an extensive range of knowledge about German society.

You should make a clear, balanced judgement based on extensive knowledge of both factors and showing how they connected together.

Make sure that you are very clear about the meaning of key words in the question, and make sure that what you write is relevant to those key words. So, here, you would want to be very clear about 'totalitarian' and keep referring to it in your writing.