Working as a GP

Alasdair takes part in a radio interview and tells about his work as a GP. Listen to what he says and then answer the questions on what you heard.

Listening practice – Working as a GP

Interior of a GP's surgery

1. What does Alasdair tell us about his parents' careers?

His mother is a GP and his father was a surgeon. His father is now retired. Both his parents were very happy in their careers. They worked in Glasgow and then in Fort William.


2. What does Alasdair tell us about his training?

His training was hard and challenging. He had to spend five years at Edinburgh University and he had to pass several difficult exams – both written exams and practical exams. He also had to undertake several work placements in hospitals and medical centres throughout the country.


3. Why does Alasdair consider the work of a GP to be the most important of all the jobs a doctor could have?

The GP is the first point of contact the patient has and if they are very worried, it is important that the GP puts them at ease. It is important the GP gets it right and doesn't just send the patient home without a proper health check. The GP is the gatekeeper to the rest of the medical services available to patients.


4. What is Alasdair's favourite thing about his work as a GP?

The people are the best thing about Alasdair's job. He likes helping people when they need it the most.


5. In his final answer, what does Alasdair say about working in the medical profession?

The work of doctors and nurses is hard, busy, important and necessary. Not everyone is suited to this kind of work, but if they have the interest and the ability to enter the medical profession, he'd recommend it.


6. How would you sum up Alasdair's feelings about his medical career?

  • He is glad he followed his parents into medicine
  • He feels overworked
  • He'd like to pursue a different career in the future

He is glad he followed his parents into medicine.