Lorna Sprott


Lorna is a Church of Scotland minister and one of Gideon’s closest acquaintances. They spend time together and Gideon likes her and enjoys her company for the most part. However, at times he seems to merely tolerate her friendship due to her irritating ways. There is a sense that he finds her attention oppressive:

I didn't want her mooning all over me with her big cow eyes.


Lorna also appears to be in love with Gideon. He doesn't share her feelings and he is not interested in a romantic relationship with her. She occasionally gives clear signals that she has developed feelings for him, but Gideon ignores them or pretends not to notice. He is careful not to give her any false encouragement as he really did not want to hurt Lorna’s feelings. On their walk in Keldo Woods, minutes before Gideon’s accident, she confesses her love for him, but she is able to tell that he doesn’t feel the same way as she could see the rejection in my eyes.

Religion and faith

While Gideon is full of doubt in God, Lorna is the opposite. She is heavily reliant on God and her faith. Gideon seems dismissive of this level of belief:

Lorna was always receiving messages from God. She believed every one of them...

Gideon suggests that Lorna's faith (or God himself) does her no good in life:

God simply muddied the already murky waters for her.

Protection and betrayal

Lorna is a very loyal friend to Gideon and tries to protect him after his accident. She desperately tries to convince him not to tell anyone about his meeting with the Devil and warns him of the consequences of telling a story that was deluded, foolish, unpleasant and blasphemous. She even betrays his trust in her efforts to prevent him from ruining his life.

Later, when interviewed by Harry Caithness, she defends Gideon. She regarded him as being a dear friend and an honest, righteous man. She deeply regrets not having been able to help him cope with what she regarded as his insanity.