Young person thinking about the positives and negatives of their part-time job

Three young people in France talk about their experiences of education and work. Listen to what they have to say and then answer the questions that follow.


What is Émilie talking about?

She is talking about a job in a hotel in the town centre as she says j’ai trouvé un boulot dans un hôtel au centre ville.


How many days a week did she do this?

The answer is she did it five days a week as she says cinq jours par semaine.


Why was this good?

This was good because she had time to see her friends and relax as she says voir mes copains et me détendre aussi.


What did she have to do?

She had to do jobs such as cleaning the rooms, vacuuming and making the beds as she says nettoyer les chambres, passer l’aspirateur et faire les lits.


What was good about her job?

The answer is she got on well with her colleagues because she says Je m’entendais très bien avec mes collègues...nous nous amusions.


What does she want to do next year?

Next year she wants to work in a shop as she says j’espère trouver un travail dans un magasin.