Percentage change test questions


In a sale, a painting is reduced by 28% of its RRP of £240. How much does it cost in the sale?


Jodie’s landlord is reducing her monthly rent by 1.6% from £400. How much will she save over a six-month period?


Rhys wants to buy an underwater camera with a floating wrist strap. The camera costs £195 and the strap costs £22. Cracking Cameras are offering two deals:

Deal A - get 65% discount on all accessories when you buy an underwater camera.

Deal B - 5% off all underwater cameras.

Which deal would give him the best price?


A menu from a tapas bar, and a bill for items ordered

In a tapas bar all prices are displayed before adding 20% VAT. What is the total cost of the meal using the menu and items ordered?


A loan of £1,600 is taken out over 4 years. For the first year simple interest is charged at 5%. After that, the rate of the simple interest is 12% per year. Calculate the amount of interest incurred.


Questions 6 - 9 are for Intermediate and Higher tier

After applying a 15% discount, a pair of shoes costs £38.25. How much did they cost before the sale?


A car is sold for £12,000. How much of this is VAT where VAT is calculated at 20%?


A farmer buys a tractor for £23,900. It depreciates at a rate of 8% of its value at the start of each year. How much it is worth after three years?


A savings account pays 1.4% compound interest each month. If £500 is invested, how much will this investment be worth after a year and a half?


Question 10 is for Higher tier

An employee wants to calculate how much income he will receive after tax. For the financial year, he finds that the tax-free personal allowance is £9,500. After this, taxable income between £0 - £32,455 is taxed at 20%, taxable income from £32,455 to £140,000 is taxed at 40% and any taxable income over £140,000 is taxed at 50%. Calculate the amount of income they will receive after tax if their salary is £160,000.