Tally chart and frequency chart

Using the tally system to record your results is faster than writing out words or figures all the time. If you record your findings on a tally chart, the data is already collected into groups and you will not need to group it later on.

Investigation example

To investigate the most popular colour of car passing your house over the course of an hour, it is easier to draw tally marks in one of five rows than to write red, blue, silver, silver, red, other, black, etc.

If you use a tally chart, you could note down the colour of the cars as they pass, by quickly making a tally mark, and then find the total frequencies at the end of the one-hour period.

Tally and frequency chart

Tally chart example

Look at the tally chart below. It shows how many CDs are owned by the students in a maths class. Insert the frequency values in the right-hand column.