Is it possible to live a Christian life today?

Some people say that – with all its distractions and temptations – modern life makes it impossible to live as a good Christian.

There can be pressure from non-Christian friends to do things which might be against a Christian’s beliefs.Distractions existed at the time of Jesus and yet people still managed to live a religious life.
Christians might lose the friendship of others who may decide to criticise and make fun of them.It is a matter of resisting the temptations of modern life and showing a selfless love for God and others.
To follow God’s will may mean making sacrifices on a personal level. It could lead to isolation, loneliness, discrimination, persecution and even death.If other family members share their faith, a Christian will have continual support and encouragement.
Christians live in a more secular society today, which is less religious and less supportive to those committed to doing God’s will. Prayer can be a support as Christians try to do God’s will. If they fail at times, they can seek God’s forgiveness and grace.

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