Audio diary

Glen is keeping an audio diary about his day.

Teenage boy An illustration of a teenage boy

Listen to what he says and answer the questions which follow. You can look at the transcript or vocabulary list if you think you need to.


What does Glen say about school?

He wasn't at school.

The word idir means 'at all'. We quite often use it when we're saying something negative.


Where was he at 3:30 today?

At the dentist.

Fiaclair is the Gaelic word for 'dentist'. It is linked to the word fiaclan, which means 'teeth'.


What is wrong with him?

He has toothache.

An dèideadh is the Gaelic for 'toothache'. When we are talking about ailments, we use the prepositional pronoun orm, which means 'on me'.


Why does Glen have to go to school tomorrow?

He has a Spanish speaking test.

Spàinntis is the Gaelic word for 'Spanish' - it sounds quite like the English, which makes it easier to remember.


What does the activity involve?

Conversation with the teacher.

Còmhradh is the Gaelic for 'conversation'.