The cost of being a disciple (Mark 8: 34–38)

Some fear losing their life by declaring their faith, but they risk losing eternal life. Some will gain the wealth of the world but lose eternal life. Some are ashamed of their faith, and Jesus will be ashamed of them when he comes.

In this passage, we learn what it takes to be a true disciple of Jesus. He lays out the expectations that he has for his followers.

  • To deny self – ie to put the needs of others before your own needs
  • To take up the cross – ie to be prepared to accept suffering and death for your faith (as many of Mark’s readers did)
  • To follow Jesus - ie accepting Jesus as Lord and accepting his lifestyle

Oscar Romero - a modern day example

Archbishop of San Salvador, Oscar Romero

Oscar Romero was an Archbishop in El Salvador (a country in Central America).

He witnessed violations of human rights, murders, disappearances and torture – all carried out by the government.

Many suffered terribly at this time and Romero spoke out against the government.

During Mass he talked about persecution - reading out lists of names of the ‘disappeared’ people.

In 1980 he was shot while he was holding up the consecrated host (the sacred bread) at Mass in his cathedral.