Muslim teaching about resurrection, judgement and life after death

‘Akhirah’, or the belief in life after death, is central to the Muslim faith.

For a Muslim, this life is not our total existence, but simply a small part of it. Muslims believe it is our chance to follow Allah's will and live a good life - or to turn our back on his laws.

Muslims believe that we will have to have to answer to Allah for the way we have chosen to live.

Muslims believe that on a day decided by Allah, and known only to Allah, life on Earth will come to an end and Allah will destroy everything. On this day, all the people who have ever lived will be raised from the dead and will face judgement by Allah.

Muslims believe that they will remain in their graves until this day, which is called by different names:

  • the Day of Resurrection (yawm al-Qiyamah)
  • the Day of Judgement (yawm ad-din)
  • the Last Hour (as-sa’a)

Allah will judge a person’s actions as well as their faith – believers will be forgiven for their sins and go to Heaven, those who do not believe will go to Hell.

Of the good that they do nothing will be rejected of them; for Allah knoweth well those that do right.Surah 39:70