Themes - Coping with death

Clare’s language portrays her feelings of shock and numbness to pain when she learns of her father’s death. She describes the coldness that shot through me till ah felt ma bones shiverin. Clare disassociates from her pain, hearing a voice, far away in anither room and shouts that:

were muffled as if in a fog

Although Clare realises that these sounds are coming from her, she distances herself from her own trauma as a way of coping. The fog simile highlights her inability to make sense of what has happened.

She focuses on trivial thoughts, asking herself why were veins blue when blood wis red. When her father’s body is returned to the house, Clare sits with him but:

no sayin anythin, no even thinkin really

She still finds it difficult to process the situation. The ending of the story shows Clare coping with death by remembering cherished memories of her father and their relationship.