Characters - Auntie Pauline

Auntie Pauline is focused on supporting Clare’s mother on the day of the funeral rather than her niece. She warns Clare not to disturb your mother on a day like this. Her attitude to Clare is very different to that of Clare's parents.

Although Clare’s decision to wear red at the funeral is her way of paying tribute to her father, Auntie Pauline believes she is being deliberately disrespectful. She uses firm and forceful language, stating that ah don’t want to hear another word aboot this. She does not show compassion to Clare, in contrast to her father and mother.

Auntie Pauline tells her that:

you’re no a baby, it’s time you grew up and showed some consideration for other folk

This suggests that she does not understand Clare’s essential character. She doesn't see the maturity and compassion that Clare has demonstrated throughout the story.