Characters - Clare’s mother

Clare’s mother struggles to cope with her husband’s illness. She loses weight because of the stress his illness has caused. This is evidenced by the loose wedding ring, which used to be that tight she couldnae get it aff.

When she breaks the news of her husband’s death to Clare, she explains that it is:

fur the best, no fur us but fur yer daddy

who wis in a lot of pain. This shows her teaching Clare an important lesson, that sometimes we have to put what is best for others first. Clare’s mother loves her husband, wanting him to be at peace despite her own feelings of grief.

In her grief, Clare’s mother becomes more distant from her daughter. Clare feels she wis haudin me away fae her and describes her smile as watery and far-away. This suggests that Clare’s mother feels unable to be as emotionally supportive as Clare needs. She is perhaps not doing what is best for her daughter, but it is a difficult situation.