The Church’s role in challenging the changes in society

The Church can have an important role in challenging the changes in society because:

  • The Bible’s values are important to Christians, and they feel these values should be understood by the wider society.
  • Christian views can provide a healthy and challenging alternative to secular norms that come to us through TV, radio and social media.
  • The Bible spoke about the moral issues of the day, the Church must continue this tradition.
  • People need guidance, and the Church gives a unique perspective on all aspects of life.
  • The Bible has much to say on the moral issues of the day (eg abortion and marriage etc) and the Church feels it is important to speak out and not to remain silent.

However, some believe that the Church should not speak out about wider issues because:

  • The Church should focus on religious matters only and leave everything else to the government.
  • The purpose of the Church should be to convert people to Christianity, rather than to involve itself in secular issues.
  • The Church does not always speak with one voice on certain moral and secular issues, so it is better not to speak at all.

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