Speaking practice - returning an item or making a complaint - Higher

These phrases could be useful for returning an item or making a complaint in a Spanish shop.

Quisiera un reembolsoI would like a refund
Quisiera cambiar esta camisetaI would like to change this shirt
Está roto/aIt's broken
Está estropeado/aIt's damaged
Está manchado/aIt has a stain/mark on it
No funcionaIt doesn't work
Tiene un agujeroIt has a hole
Es demasiado grande/pequeñoIt's too big/small
Quiero hablar con el gerenteI want to talk to the manager

Example role play

Usted está en una tienda en España. Hable con el/la empleado/a.

  • Abrigo - problema
  • !
  • ? Solución
  • Abrigo - talla
  • Ropa en la tienda - opinión
The bullet points give an idea of what might be asked, so use these to prepare what you might say. Where there is an exclamation mark (!) a surprise question will be asked and where there is a question mark (?) you will need to ask a question yourself.

What would you say for this role play? You are talking to a shop assistant in Spain. Remember to use the usted form.

Listen to a sample answer for this role play.


- Buenos días. ¿En qué puedo servirle?

- Este abrigo es demasiado corto y apretado.

- Lo siento. ¿Cuándo compró el abrigo?

- Compré el abrigo la semana pasada.

- Vale.

- ¿Puedo cambiar el abrigo?

- Sí, claro. ¿Qué talla quiere?

- Me gustaría un abrigo de talla media, por favor.

- ¿Qué opina de la ropa aquí?

- Me gusta la ropa en la tienda porque está de moda.

- Muchas gracias.


- Hello. How may I help you?

- This coat is too short and tight.

- I’m sorry. When did you buy the coat?

- I bought it last week.

- OK.

- Can I change the coat?

- Yes, of course. What size do you want?

- I would like a medium size coat, please.

- What do you think of the clothes here?

- I like the clothes in the shop because they are fashionable.

- Thank you very much.

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