Reading practice - different types of shops

A high street with shoppers in Madrid

Shopping in a Spanish town or city can be a great experience. As well as large shopping centres and supermarkets, you will often find traditional local shops, independent boutiques, street markets and department stores.

Here are some of the shops you might find.

la carniceríabutcher's
el centro comercialshopping centre
la drogueríahousehold goods shop
la farmaciapharmacy
la fruteríafruit shop
los grandes almacenesdepartment store
el hipermercadohypermarket
la jugueteríatoy shop
la libreríabookshop
el mercadomarket
la panaderíabakery
la pasteleríacake shop
la peluqueríahairdresser's
la pescaderíafishmonger's
el supermercadosupermarket
la tienda de comestiblesgrocery shop
la tienda de ropaclothes shop

Read what these young people are saying.

Alejandro:Quisiera comprar la última novela de mi autor preferido.

Magdalena:Tengo que preparar los bocadillos para el almuerzo.

Juanjo:Me encanta comprar la fruta fresca.

Elena:Necesito comprar un regalo para el cumpleaños de mi hermana menor. Va a cumplir tres años.


Choose the correct shop for each person.

Ala panadería
Bla carnicería
Cel mercado
Dla librería
Ela tienda de ropa
Fla juguetería

Alejandro: D (bookshop)

Magdalena: A (bakery)

Juanjo: C (market)

Elena: F (toy shop)


Alejandro: I would like to buy the latest novel by my favourite author.

Magdalena: I have to prepare sandwiches for lunch.

Juanjo: I love buying fresh fruit.

Elena: I need to buy a present for my younger sister's birthday. She is going to be three.