Vocabulary - describing clothes

Spain has had a lot of success in the fashion industry thanks to designers and high-street shops that have conquered the international fashion market. Spanish models have also contributed to Spain's worldwide reputation for fashion.

Shop owner showing denim jeans to teenager

Here is some useful vocabulary to start talking about clothes.

el abrigocoat
las botasboots
la camisashirt
la camisetaT-shirt
el chandaltracksuit
la chaquetajacket
los calcetinessocks
el cinturónbelt
la corbatatie
la faldaskirt
la gorracap
los pantalones (cortos)trousers (shorts)
la ropa clothes
el sombrerohat
los vaquerosjeans
el vestidodress
las zapatillas de deportetrainers
los zapatosshoes

An important verb is llevar (to wear). To say that something suits or doesn't suit you, use me queda(n) bien/mal. Here are some other words to describe clothes.

ajustado/a, apretado/atight
de marcadesigner
de modafashionable
de talla mediamedium

If you are describing the colour (el color) of an item of clothing, you can add vivo/a (bright), claro/a (light), oscuro/a (dark) or pálido/a (pale) to add extra detail. Note that you don't make the colour adjective agree with the noun if you add the words claro or oscuro: los vaqueros azul claro, la falda verde oscuro.

Read the descriptions and match to the correct person.

Four characters - Girl wears red jacket, boy wears baggy t-shirt, woman wears black skirt, man wears blue shirt

Lleva una camisa azul claro, una corbata y una chaqueta oscura.

D. He is wearing a light blue shirt, a tie and a dark jacket.


Lleva unos pantalones cortos azules, una camiseta holgada y unas zapatillas de deporte.

B. He is wearing blue shorts, a baggy T-shirt and trainers.


Lleva unos vaqueros, una camiseta blanca y un abrigo rojo vivo.

A. She is wearing jeans, a white T-shirt and a bright red jacket.


Lleva una falda negra, una chaqueta negra, una camiseta amarilla y unos zapatos negros.

C. She is wearing a black skirt, a black jacket, a yellow t-shirt and black shoes.