Son of Man

Jesus used the title ‘Son of Man’ to describe himself 14 times in Mark’s Gospel. He did this because of the dual meaning:

  1. The title was used by the prophet Ezekiel to describe himself. He wanted to show that he was an ordinary person. Likewise, Jesus called himself Son of Man to remind his disciples that he was a person like them.
  2. It is used in the prophesy of Daniel to describe a figure with authority from God. Many people connected this prophesy with the idea of the coming Messiah.

Is the title ‘Son of Man’ helpful to Christians today?

It was the title preferred by Jesus.It is hard for all Christians to relate to – it is a Jewish title very much linked to the Old Testament.
It stresses he is human.It is difficult for people today to understand because it can have different meanings.
It stresses his power and authority as God’s representative on Earth.It’s not an obvious title Christians use when they think about Jesus.
It reminds Christians that Jesus came as a saviour to serve others and to sacrifice his life.