How to Pass National 5 English

There are four parts to National 5 English assessment:

  • Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation
    • 30 marks/30%
    • Exam time: 1 hour
  • Critical Reading
    • 40 marks/40%
    • Exam time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Portfolio-writing
    • 30 marks/30%
  • Performance-spoken language
    • Achieved/not achieved

National 5 English is a challenging and fast-paced course. You will be required to undertake self-study and revision activities; additionally, you will be asked to work on folio pieces at home. It is important that you keep on top of deadlines and coursework. Revision should be ongoing throughout the year.

At National 5 there is a total of 100 marks available to you.

The 100 marks available are made up from a mix of coursework and a final exam. In order to achieve the full award at National 5, you will also be required to undertake a Spoken Language assessment.