The properties and uses of aluminium, copper and titanium

Most metals are very strong. They have high melting points and they have high heat and electrical conductivity. They are also malleable, which means they can be beaten or pressed into thin sheets.

The uses we make of metals are related to their properties.

AluminiumGood strength-to-weight ratio, light, soft, ductile, good conductor of heat and electricityKitchen equipment, window frames, overhead electricity cables, drinks' cans, manufacturing aircraft
CopperMalleable and ductile, good conductor of heat and electricity, resistant to corrosion, attractive colour, lustreWater pipes, electrical wire, decorative goods
TitaniumGood strength-to-weight ratio, light, resistant to corrosion, good conductor of heat but poor conductor of electricityDrill bits, bicycles, golf clubs, watches and laptop computers, medical implants, jewellery, manufacturing aircraft and spacecraft
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