Digital advertising

A smartphone with a discount code
A smartphone with a discount code

Developments in computers, smartphones and connectiviity have led to specific forms of advertising related to digital media:

  • online advertising
  • in-app advertising
  • email advertising
  • sms/text advertising

Online advertising

relatively cheaphigh competition, need a good ranking in search engines to be effective
can reach a global audiencetechnical problems may occur
can be targeted to specific websites or an individual's browsing interestsproducts cannot be handled before purchase
demonstrations can be given using other media such as video---

In-app advertising

products can be targeted at specific customer groupslimited to smart phone or tablet owners
customers don't have to be online to see adscustomers may be irritated by ads which interrupt game play or other activity

Email advertising

emails can reach a wide audienceemail may be treated as spam and not reach customer's inbox
a relatively cheap method of promotionemail can be easily deleted or ignored without reading
same email can be sent to many recipientsworry about viruses in attachments can put people off opening email
good for the environment as no paper needed---
attachments can be added---


relatively inexpensive method of promotionmust have the customer's mobile number
text delivered instantlyfrequent texting can irritate customers
same text can be sent to many recipientscan only include a very limited amount of information