Traditional methods of advertising

Traditional advertising uses media and formats that have been around for a long time:

  • tv
  • radio
  • cinema
  • newspapers/magazines
  • billboards


Can reach wide geographical audienceVery expensive
Demonstrations can be shownViewers may not watch when adverts come on
The best advertising campaigns can be memorable---


Can reach a wide geographical audienceOnly sound, no products or demonstrations can be shown
Cheaper to advertise than on TVListeners can 'tune out' during the adverts

Cinema advertising

A captive audienceLimited audience
Adverts can be matched to audiences that represent market segments---


Can target market segments through choice of newspaper or special interest magazinesAdverts can be expensive
Readers often keep magazines for reference and will see adverts many timesNo demonstrations can be made
--Easy to ignore and turn the page


Usually in busy locationsMay be ignored by passers-by
Can be cheaper than other forms of advertisingCan only include limited information
Potential customers will see the advert repeatedly over a long periodNo demonstration can be made
Can promote business in a specific geographical areaOnly reaches a specific geographical area