Insoluble fibre

Insoluble fibre does not absorb or dissolve in water, so when it passes through our digestive system it adds bulk to faeces.

Health benefits

Insoluble fibre offers various health benefits:

  • reduces the risk of constipation as it makes faeces easier to pass
  • helps to maintain a healthy weight as it is filling and can reduce the desire to snack between meals
  • improves digestive health – as insoluble fibre gets rid of waste more effectively, there is a reduced risk of haemorrhoids and bowel-related health problems

Sources of insoluble fibre

You can find insoluble fibre in a variety of foods:

  • wholegrain foods – e.g., cereals
  • wholemeal foods – e.g., bread and pasta
  • fruit and vegetables (the seeds and skins are rich in insoluble fibre)
  • nuts and seeds