Mr Brocklehurst and Mrs Fairfax in Jane Eyre

Mr Brocklehurst

Mr Brocklehurst, a clergyman

Mr Brocklehurst is the supervisor of Lowood School. He is mean, vindictive and enjoys making the girls quiver in his presence. He enjoys the power he has and enjoys doling out punishments.

Brocklehurst wants the pupils of Lowood School to be modest and pious and he cruelly restricts their food rations. This is hypocritical, as his family enjoys very fine things and is not deprived of anything.

Personality traits:

  • vicious
  • mean
  • powerful
  • hypocritical

Mrs Fairfax

Mrs Fairfax is the housekeeper at Thornfield Hall. She likes to keep the house in order, ensuring everything is clean and organised for Rochester, the master of the house. Mrs Fairfax is very organised, welcoming and expects her team to keep their place and position. When Rochester and Jane announce the news of their marriage, she shuns Jane, as she believes Jane has over-stepped her position.

Personality traits:

  • organised
  • meticulous
  • stubborn