Mary Rivers, Diana Rivers and Bertha in Jane Eyre

Mary and Diana Rivers

The Rivers sisters and Jane
Jane is overjoyed to have a family at last

Mary and Diana Rivers are Jane's cousins and the sisters of St John. They are very kind, loyal and loving, as they care for Jane throughout her illness, offering her a place to live when she has nowhere else to go. When they discover Jane is their cousin, they are overjoyed and excited. They welcome Jane into their family with open arms.

Personality traits:

  • kind
  • loyal
  • protective
  • loving


Bertha is Rochester's first wife and she lives in Thornfield's attic, locked up and managed by Grace Poole. Bertha is described as mad, jealous, bitter and malicious, as she sets fire to Rochester's bed whilst he is sleeping and tramples on Jane's wedding dress. Brontë describes her as an animal, as she runs around on all fours, grunting and groaning. Bertha sets fire to Thornfield and then jumps from the roof - her final act of madness.

Personality traits:

  • bitter
  • jealous
  • malicious
  • insane
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