Detailed plot summary - Part 2

Don John plans to deceive Claudio

Meanwhile Borachio and Don John devise a plan to trick Claudio. They will persuade Margaret to pretend she is Hero and invite Claudio to witness her expressing her love for someone else.

Tricking Benedick and Beatrice

Beatrice overhears Hero and Ursula discussing Benedick
Beatrice overhears Hero and Ursula discussing Benedick

Benedick hides in the orchard when his friends Leonato, Don Pedro and Claudio arrive. He overhears them discuss how Beatrice is in love with him. He realises that he also has feelings for her. Beatrice is also tricked by overhearing a conversation between Hero and Ursula about Benedick's love for her. She admits to herself that she is in love with him.

Don John tells Claudio Hero is unfaithful

The night before the wedding, Don John tells Claudio his wife-to-be is unfaithful. Dogberry and the Watch arrest Borachio and Conrade when they boast about their trick on Claudio.

Claudio rejects Hero

The next day, Claudio rejects Hero at the altar calling her a 'rotten orange'. Suspecting that foul work is at play, the friar advises Leonato to pretend his daughter is dead.