Key plot details

A timeline of the major events in the plot of The Sign of the Four
  1. Miss Mary Morstan arrives and asks for help with a mystery.
  2. Holmes and Watson accompany her to Thaddeus Sholto's house and learn about the Agra treasure.
  3. Bartholomew Sholto is found dead at Pondicherry Lodge.
  4. Holmes investigates the clues and calls the police. Athelney Jones arrests Thaddeus Sholto. Holmes sends Watson to borrow Toby, the dog.
  5. Holmes employs the Baker Street Irregulars as spies and eventually puts on a disguise to track down the Aurora launch.
  6. Watson, Holmes and Inspector Jones pursue the villains along the River Thames and catch up with them. The treasure chest is empty.
  7. Jonathan Small is arrested and confesses his whole story. Watson and Mary Morstan are engaged to be married.
The Sign of the Four is a detective story about double-crossing, betrayal and greed.