Body language and delivery

There are several important points to remember when delivering your presentation:

  1. You will be expected to make eye contact with your audience. You must not read your presentation from a piece of paper but should look at members of the audience to engage them with your talk.
  2. If you are using PowerPoint slides, don’t read them to your audience.
  3. Remember your delivery - aim to be fluent and avoid too many hesitations.
  4. Think about the body language you use. You should stay still and face the front so that all members of the audience can see you.
  5. When you are asked questions at the end of your presentation, it is important that you answer clearly, giving plenty of detail. This part is still an important aspect of your presentation.

Top tips

A bullet pointed list giving tips on presenting including notes on body language and projecting confidence.
  • Your research must be thorough and contain organised notes.
  • The more you practise your presentation, the more prepared and confident you will be.
  • Your presentation is expected to last no more than ten minutes, including time for questions from the audience.
  • You can use images and objects as props.
  • You must not read your presentation from pages of text but you can refer to bullet points or cue cards.
  • Remember to use Standard English at all times.
  • When making your presentation you must keep still. Avoid shuffling your feet or waving your arms. Focus on your audience.

Here are some examples of people speaking in several different contexts on a variety of subjects. Watch and listen to the way they present their information. They have all prepared and have researched what they’re going to say. Listen out for the language they use, varying vocabulary, pace and clarity.

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