Key plot details

plot_624Timeline of key events

  1. After his wife dies, Luigi gives his daughter, Lucia, to Rosinella and Massimo to look after. They have no children of their own and Lucia grows up spoiled
  2. After Franco joins the army, Bridget discovers she is pregnant. She borrows money from Massimo to pay for a secret abortion
  3. When Italy joins the war, the shop is attacked by a mob shouting anti-Italian slogans
  4. Massimo is arrested as an enemy alien and transported to Canada
  5. Lucia and Hughie cement their friendship by becoming ginger-sister and brother
  6. Massimo's father dies when the Arandora Star is sunk by torpedo. Franco is killed in battle
  7. Hughie writes to Lucia to tell her he loves her. But Rosinella gets hold of the letter and tries to keep them apart
  8. Luigi calls Lucia back to Italy. Bridget blames Rosinella for this and tells her about the abortion
  9. Having changed her ways, Rosinella helps Hughie and Lucia elope together. She and Massimo are reunited in their love