User requirements

CCEA will provide you with user requirements for a coded solution. You will be expected to design this solution using appropriate design tools.

These will include, though are not limited to: system flowcharts and pseudocode to represent algorithms, data dictionaries, test plans, navigation diagrams and plans for input and output interfaces.

Sample controlled assessment task

A maths teacher requires a program to test students. It will provide 10 random mental maths questions for each student to answer.

There will be 3 levels of difficulty:

  • Easy = ten random questions to include addition and subtraction
  • Medium = ten random questions to include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Hard = ten random questions to include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and exponents

  1. It must ask the user to input their name at the start
  2. It should ask them to select a level: Easy, Medium or Hard
  3. At the end, it should display a message informing the user of their score
  4. The quiz should write a simple text file, to include the student's name, level and score
  5. The teacher should be able to search and retrieve individual certificates from the file