H4BW – Humanists for a Better World

H4BW (Humanists for a Better World) is an organisation that works alongside the British Humanist Association. H4BW work on, and raise awareness of, environmental, social and global issues. Their aim is to tackle issues that face the world today and solve them for the sake of today's and tomorrow's generations.

Humanists see no need for there to be a greater being who determines what actions people take. They rely on science to make decisions, and base their actions upon that.

The British Humanist Society set out seven statements on the environment and their responsibility towards it. Humanists should:

  • accept responsibility to maintain a sustainable environment for future generations
  • understand the place of humans within nature
  • understand human responsibilities for other species
  • ensure that development can be justified
  • preserve balance and diversity in nature wherever possible
  • preserve areas of natural beauty and interest for future generations
  • repair, where possible, habitats damaged by human development and other means