Slave revolts

Some slaves resisted by planning rebellions. Slave rebellions were put down with the help of forces from either the British Army or the Royal Navy.

Jamaica 1831

During a massive slave rebellion in Jamaica, more than 200,000 rebels seized control of the northwest corner of the island, setting planters' houses on fire. It took the British Army a month to restore order. At least 340 rebel slaves were hanged or shot afterwards.

The Maroons

The ‘Maroons’ of Jamaica were a mixture of native islanders and runaway slaves hiding out on the island.

For over 80 years they held out and lived in the mountains. From their remote hideouts they mounted raids on the plantations.

They used guerrilla warfare to hold out against the British forces. In 1739, a treaty was drawn up between the British and the Maroons to make peace.

The video below discusses the story of the Jamaican Maroons and runaways.