Work test questions

The following test is about work. Read the questions then choose the correct option.


How would you say, 'I work as a waiter at the weekend' in Gaelic?


Which of these is a suitable answer to the question

Dè an rud as fheàrr leat mun obair seo?


How would you say, 'When I was young I wanted to be a joiner'?


Which reply would you choose to answer this question negatively

An còrdadh e riut a bhith nad thidsear?


Which translation would you use to say, 'I will be well paid in this career'?


Which is the most appropriate response to the question

Am feum thu a dhol dhan oilthigh airson a bhith nad dhotair?


How would you say, 'I learned a lot of new skills on the course'?


What would be the most appropriate response to the question

Càit am b' fheàrr leat a bhith ag obair nuair a bhios tu nas sine?


You want to ask the teacher a question. Which of these would be the most appropriate way to ask the teacher about their work?


How would you say, 'I think that I am a capable and diligent person'?