Employment - Work conversation

The following audio is the third part of a conversation which covers all four contexts at Higher. A Higher performance-talking must cover at least two contexts. This conversation begins with the context of Employability – Work and transitions into the context of Culture - Holidays.

Give your own answers to the following questions, then listen to the example conversation audio, which includes sample answers.

Conversation - Part 3

Questions covered in the conversation.

  • Am bi thu fhèin ag obair?
  • A bheil an obair a' còrdadh riut?
  • Cuin a bhios tu a' tòiseachadh?
  • Am bu toigh leat a bhith nad thuathanach* nuair a bhios tu nas sine?
  • An d' fhuair thu pàigheadh?
  • Càit am b' fheàrr leat a bhith ag obair?

*Replace the job as appropriate to your experience.

Practice conversation - Employability - Work


Bràthair m' athar – uncle (my father's brother)
Tuathanach - farmer
A' glanadh na bàthcha – cleaning the byre
Cleachdte ris – used to it
A' faireachdainn nas làidire – feeling stronger
Sgilean conaltraidh - communication skills
Doirbh obair fhaighinn - difficult to get work
Daonnan - always
Rudeigin diofraichte fheuchainn - try something different

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