The editing process

No matter how impressive your footage is to look at, your film will not work if it is not well edited.

There are a number of important steps to take and points to consider when editing your film.

Instructions for these techniques can vary from one type of editing software to another so you are advised to refer to your package’s user manual or help section for specific guidance.


When you have finished a shoot you should import the footage into your computer and editing software as soon as possible.

Screenshot of the import menu from video editing software

The process for importing footage can vary depending on what editing software you are using.

Screenshot of a clip browser from video editing software

At this stage you should view and assess your footage, check it thoroughly for any flaws or errors and take a note of any material you want to reshoot.

When importing footage you should always make sure that:

  • your footage has imported successfully
  • you have made a backup copy of your footage
  • you have carefully labelled any footage in your project so you can find the right takes and shots more quickly