A summary of movement and settlement in the UK

Immigration to UK - Early Times: Romans, Saxons, Vikings. Middle ages: Normans, Flemings, Germans, Jewish people. Tudors and Stuarts: Black Britains, French Huguenots. 19th Century: Iris, Jewish People. Emigration to North America, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia. 20th Century Commonwealth, European Union.

Many different groups have come to settle in Britain:

  • In the Middle Ages, Normans came as conquerors, Flemings and Germans as traders, and Jewish people as money lenders.
  • In Tudor and Stuart times, the first black Britons came to live in England, as well as French Huguenots fleeing persecution.
  • In the 19th century, there were large migrations of Irish people as well as Jewish people from Eastern Europe.
  • In the 20th century, millions of people have come to live in Britain from the Commonwealth and from the European Union.
A newly arrived couple from the West Indies
A newly arrived couple from the West Indies

Think about:

  • the facts about when and why they came
  • how they were treated and how some were discriminated against and attacked
  • the effect they have had on Britain's culture, society and economy

By contrast, in the 19th century, many people left Britain to settle abroad.