Ordering fractions

Which fraction is bigger: \frac{3}{4} or \frac{5}{7}?

It is hard to answer this question just by looking at the fractions. However, if you write the fractions with the same bottom number, or denominator, the question will be easy.

\frac{3}{4} has a denominator of 4, and \frac{5}{7} has a denominator of {7}.

{4} and {7} both divide into {28}, so rewrite the fractions with a denominator of {28}.

\frac{3}{4}= \frac{21}{28}

\frac{5}{7}= \frac{20}{28}

Diagram to compare the fractions 3/4 and 5/7 = 21/28 and 20/28

It is easy to see that \frac{21}{28} is bigger than \frac{20}{28}.

Therefore \frac{3}{4} is bigger than \frac{5}{7}.

To compare fractions, first write them with the same bottom number, or denominator.