Working abroad

Calum and Michelle discuss Michelle's plans to work abroad. Listen to what they say and then answer the questions on what you heard.

Listening practice – Working abroad

View of sky and aeroplane wing from plane window

1. Why does Michelle say it doesn’t matter that the work is unpaid?

The charity will pay her travel costs, her food and her accommodation. Also, she doesn’t want to be paid, because she knows she’ll be helping people and that is its own reward.


2. As well as being a nurse, what other duties will Michelle’s role involve?

She’ll be training new nurses and showing them how nurses in Scotland work. She’ll also be working with local people (or ‘the community’) and the authorities to help set up new hospitals and medical centres.


3. According to Michelle, in what ways can Rwanda be a dangerous country?

There is a lot more crime than in Scotland. Corruption is rife and some areas are very violent. In addition to this, certain illnesses and diseases not found in Scotland are common there.


4. What kind of things does Michelle say she’ll get the chance to do while she’s in Rwanda?

She’ll get to learn more about her job as a nurse, learn more about herself and learn about life in a country that is very different to Scotland. She’ll also get to learn another language, try new food, and learn about a new culture. Most importantly, she'll have an opportunity to use her skills to improve people’s health care.


5. Which of these statements best reflects the relationship between Michelle and Calum?

  • Calum is interviewing Michelle for a new job
  • Michelle is seeking Calum's permission to go and work abroad
  • Michelle is telling one of her close friends about her decision to work abroad

Michelle is telling one of her close friends about her decision to work abroad.