A table can be useful if you’re writing a piece that covers different points of view, eg in an article where you explore both sides of an argument.


Write a feature article for a newspaper in which you explore the pros and cons of going to music festival.

Explain what a festival is – refer to Glastonbury, Download and VFun, sociable – time with friendsExpensive – too much for teensConclude that festivals are worth itCheck spelling – include sophisticated vocabulary
Opportunity to relax – especially after stress of examsDangerous – big and scary – too many people – alcoholInclude range of punctuation
Introduction to new musicHave to camp – smelly, uncomfortable
10 minutes10 minutes10 minutes5 minutes5 minutes

Note how the writer of this plan has allocated a specific time for each section, and has also included a reminder to leave time to proofread their writing.

Key things to remember

  • Try different plans and use the one that works best for you.
  • Include reminders of key areas to focus on within your writing.
  • Think about allocating your time carefully so that you complete your writing.