Flow chart

A flow chart is like a mind map that provides a visual structure for planning. It helps you to order your ideas and paragraphs into an effective structure.

Some writers find a flow chart helps them focus on each important stage of the writing process.

For example, this flow chart shows the planning for an article about social media.

A flowchart showing ideas for an essay on social media starting with an introduction, followed by three sections and finishing with a conclusion.
  • The writer will begin the article exploring the dangers surrounding social media.
  • This will be followed by the negative aspects - such as overuse and cyberbullying.
  • The focus will then shift to the positive side of social media, such as connecting with people and having a constant stream of news.
  • The third section of the article will focus on offering the reader advice about social media, encouraging them to take care online.
  • In conclusion, the writer will summarise what life was like before social media, balanced with the opportunities it now offers.