Bullet points

When you make a plan with bullet points, you essentially make a list. One advantage of using bullet points to plan is that it’s easier to write longer phrases and sentences.

Here’s an example of how you might use bullet points to plan.


Write an article for young people that offers advice on how to deal with the stresses of modern life.


To include:

  • causes of stress - mobile phones, social media, bullying, exam pressure, parents
  • health problems - stress sometimes leads to: sleep deprivation, weight loss, isolation, confusion
  • how to overcome stress - take a break from technology, sleep well, see friends, eat well

Remember to:

  • use headlines – From Stress to Rest, Go Easy on Yourself, Take a Tech Break
  • include - similes, interesting vocab, rhetorical question, alliteration


  • young people


  • to inform/warn/advise


  • headline
  • more formal language

You could colour code or number your bullet points to put them in order for writing.