Mind maps

A mind map is a visual way of planning where keywords are used to connect ideas with lines. Mind maps are a flexible way of jotting down ideas and making links. You can easily add to a mind map as you go along. It can become a working document that you add to as you write.

A colour coded mind map including opening, paragraph 1,2 and 3 and conclusion to represent a visual way of planning ideas.

Use a mind map to put down all the ideas you have around a topic. Separate branches could represent each subtopic and connect key words to each. It might also be useful to add in any specific literary techniques, persuasive techniques or examples of vocabulary that you want to include.

Branches of your mind map could represent each paragraph of your writing - each branch can include ideas and key vocabulary.

Some people start with a mind map to get their ideas down then use bullet points to put these ideas in order.